samedi, octobre 14, 2006


"Gravity's Rainbow Demo"

Come on with me through ruined LiPGLOCK
Accross Tangian deserts we'll FLOck
MADcap Medusa Flank my Foghorn
We'll change four seasons with our first born.

All ships of sense on HYPer ocean
All Kytes of chaos still in motion
My culture vulture such a DAB hand
I'll Steal you from the year 4000

Come with me > come with me >>>
We'll travel to INFINITY
I'll always be there : Uh OH : My Fut>re LOVE
I'll always be there > for you : My FUTUre Love

Your tears leave trails of TIK,VAN,LoofAutonoma : the rubix groom hoom
THose crippled lines that I can't get to
would fall through TIMe but i won't let you


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