vendredi, mai 16, 2008


Il était passé sous le radar – là ou se situe, après tout, l’essentiel de ce qui est vivant (paranoia will destroy you) – on est allé le chercher, on le rapporte, on le conseille. Vollmann aussi (« A beautifully written catalogue of various kinds of unhappiness..). Il y a pire complicité.

The literary debut by the Iowa-born, Valley-based Nulick is a hallucinatory, pitch-black love story — set in Phoenix — that incorporates references as far afield as Hitler, Marilyn Manson, Warhol, Nabokov, Kafka, skateboard culture, beekeeping, the old let's-put-LSD-in-the-municipal-water-supply trick, and tow-truck drivers who've been driven to drink by hellcats on wheels.
"I tell people it's a love story," Nulick says. "It's about people who get obsessed with other people in ways that are unhealthy, plus there's kind of a riff on schizophrenia in there."
Ya think?


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