samedi, novembre 04, 2006


Moody jouera avec son groupe, The Wingdale Community Singers, au festival Crossing Borders de La Haye le 18 novembre (on y croisera également Nosfell et Robert McLiam Wilson). Un deuxième CD est dans les tuyaux.
Alors que Rick continue de bosser sur son cinquième roman, un pavé pour lequel il cherche tout ce qui est disponible sur la planète Mars (Sic!),son prochain livre RIGHT LIVELIHOODS sortira en juin prochain chez Little Brown. C'est un recueil de trois novellas, The Albertine Notes, paru dans le McSweeney's 10 (un extrait en ligne : , The Omega Force, paru dans la Paris Review 173 et K&K, un inédit.

Voilà ce qu'on nous en dit :

From “the gutsiest writer of his generation” come three sublime novellas about yearning. RIGHT LIVELIHOODS begins with a cataclysmic vision of New York City in The Albtertine Notes. Fifty square blocks of Manhattan have been leveled. Four million have died. The titular “Albertine” is the street name for a mind-altering drug with the buzz of a lifetime. Good memories are enhanced to joyful dimensions under Albertine’s influence—then forgotten, along with the bad. The second novella, K&K, concerns a lonely young office manager at an insurance agency, where the office suggestion box is yielding aggressive, unpleasant messages, starting with “If they’re going to close lanes on the parkway, they ought t actually repair the goddamned road,” and escalating to a scarier pitch. Finally, at the center of The Omega Force is an endearingly buffoonish former government official in rocky recovery. As the novella begins, Dr. “Jamie” Van Deusen is asleep on a neighbor's beach-front porch. He soon comes to life,determined to protect his habitat—its golf courses (and Bloody Marys), pizza places (and beers) from “dark-complected” foreign nationals. His patriotism and wild imagination are mainly fueled by a fall off the wagon. Only Rick Moody could lead us to feel affection for this fool and the other misguided, earnestly striving characters that people what is an alternately unsettling and warm, always remarkable trio of stories.