lundi, octobre 22, 2007


Limit Point, a new work of fiction by Michael Brodsky. Limit Point focuses on people in deep crisis. In the title piece, the drifter-hero s involvement in a heist, including his dangerously ambivalent relationship with two enigmatic women, ends in disaster. The tale goes far beyond beloved B-movie conventions to yield unsettling insights into the criminal mind as well as images of startling beauty. In Midtown Pythagoras , the efforts of a shamus straight out of Raymond Chandler to save his oddball client are stymied at every turn by Manhattan s special brand of 24/7 irrationality. Crisis in the Life of an Actress , set in the avant-garde theatre world of a decade ago, reveals how uncontrollable envy can destroy the creative spirit. Confronted head-on in Limit Point are subjects that have obsessed Brodsky over more than 30 years of unstoppable productivity casual humiliation as the hair-trigger of violence; identity theft through sexual surrender; the tragicomedy of institutional rehab; and the disconnect, engineered by the demon of language, between the dark world outside us and the even darker one within.


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