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From the 2007 National Book Award-winning, bestselling author of Tree of Smoke comes a sly, suspenseful
thriller set in the American west.
Jimmy Lutz—a small time crook in Bakersfield, California—is behind on his gambling debts. He isn’t too worried, until a man named Ernst Gambol comes to collect. When Jimmy takes desperate measures to escape, he begins a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that pits him against both Gambol and Juarez, Gambol’s vindictive boss. Enter Anita, a tough con artist who’s been accused of embezzling a couple of million dollars. Anita doesn’t have the money—or so she claims—but she knows how to find it, and she wants Jimmy to help her. With Gambol at his heels, Jimmy joins forces with Anita on a tense, riveting journey to cash in on the money—and to stay alive.
NOBODY MOVEis an homage to one of the most popular genres: The American crime novel. Touched by echoes of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, NOBODY MOVEis at once a fond tribute and an outrageous variation on a literary form, marked by the verve and energy we’ve come to expect from Denis Johnson, a master of American fiction. Sexy, suspenseful, and above all entertaining, NOBODY MOVE shows one of our greatest novelists at his versatile best.
Denis Johnson is the author of six novels, a collection of poetry, and one book of reportage. His novel Tree
of Smoke was the winner of the 2007National Book Award. He lives in northern Idaho.


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