dimanche, mars 25, 2007


Ce projet fou est le troisième tome (tant attendu) d'une trilogie épatante. Tiens, un petit quizz - qui va en trouver l'auteur? Deux superbes extraits en ligne, si vous savez les trouver. On y revient dans quelques jours....

"Breeze Avenue tells the story of an alcoholic Scrabble player and poet, Michelangelo Goldberg, who gives away a fortune in order to move to Venice Beach and find God. Over the years, Goldberg creates a number of outlandish works that form the basis of a gigantic novel.

Goldberg becomes entangled in the death of a young autistic woman who works at the beach as a clown, blowing up balloons for children. This, among other situations, forces him into a spiritual reappraisal, disclosing a heavenly realm, an interior world that is ultimately expressed as a radical revision in the nature of fiction.

There are twenty-six "elements," or distinct texts, in Breeze Avenue. The novel is three million pages in length and will be permanently installed in a reading room in Los Angeles in 2007.

Sections of the book draw upon information from Egyptology, architecture, metaphysics, software development, screenwriting, geology, Vedic and Biblical studies, graphic, fabric and product design, ornithology, performance art, linguistics, film production, astronomy, political, literary and social theory, material science, acoustics, musical instrumentation, animation, cryptology, sleep theory, mathematics, entomology, photography, and lexicography. Documents are produced in Latin, Yiddish, Mongolian, Egyptian and Sanskrit, as well as in English. Many of the elements are poetic in nature. The texts, in many cases, spawn concrete objects and occurrences that have a life of their own outside the novel"


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fc2 s'y collent? je suis surexcité ça y est, merci de la nouvelle.

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